Tom Newby

February 2020 Training Log (in progress)

28 Feb 2020


Greg Nuckols 28 Free Programs:

  • 1x intermediate squat (Max set to 197.5kg)
  • 3x intermediate bench (Max set to 100kg)
  • 1x intermediate deadlift (Max set to 205kg)

Structured as: Day 1: Squat & Bench Day1 Day 2: Bench Day 2 + accessories Day 3: Bench Day 3 + Deadlift

Google Sheet here

All the while on a slight caloric deficit to return to sub-93kg


  • Body weight under 93kg
  • Will bench 100kg for a double, comp pause
  • Will hit a 195kg x 3 squat
  • Will deadlift 210kg


  • Body weight 93-94kg - bit too much alcohol
  • Bench 100kg x 1 - nice comp pause
  • Squat 200kg x 1 - heavier than I expected, positioning a bit off
  • Deadlift 200kg x 1 - feels really heavy, couldn’t move 210kg

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