Tom Newby

January 2020 Training Log

01 Jan 2020


Greg Nuckols 28 Free Programs:

  • 1x intermediate squat (Max set to 180kg)
  • 3x intermediate bench (Max set to 97.5kg)
  • 1x intermediate deadlift (Max set to 180kg)

Structured as: Day 1: Squat & Bench Day1 Day 2: Bench Day 2 + accessories Day 3: Bench Day 3 + Deadlift

Google Sheet here


  • Will bench 100kg for a 1RM by the end
  • Squatting probably responds better to 2x in a week, but this is a good start to return to work capacity
  • Will hit a 1RM squat ~190kg after this
  • Will deadlift 200kg again after adding more pulling work in



Set deadlift and squat number deliberately low with the intention that I don’t currently have the work capacity and have generally regressed from my previous PRs in September while rehabbing my left hip.


Christmas/NY timing was a bit awkward so I ended up combining two bench days together and then maxing out on NYE trying to bench 100kg but couldn’t crack it. Deadlifts surprisingly didn’t beat me up much.

Feeling fresh and optimistic.


Squat workout is pretty rough doing an AMRAP and then 5 sets of AMRAP-2, but that’s the cost of low frequency I guess. Bench is pretty tiring, can’t say I’m feeling super strong but I’ll trust the process. Deadlifts are way higher volume than I typically would have done but they feel productive and I feel like I’ve got a PR in me for sure.

Had a cold most of this week, not sleeping suuuper well and still dropping weight but all things considered still holding together OK. Hip is not giving any issues with the squat though I don’t feel particularly strong in the squat.


  • Squats: moved well, only got 8 on the AMRAP set but the rest of the volume feels good (but sucks!)
  • Bench: lots of good volume here got 80kg x 10 for a 10RM - didn’t really feel like I had it in me but dug deep and pushed through
  • Deadlifts: these are feeling pretty easy, now a bigger fan of EMOM for deadlifts, better to get the suffering over with

Keen to see what happens next week with a bit of testing. I think I’ll try for the 100kg bench, try maxing out some singles on deadlifts and see where I end up. Likely will just choose a high % for squats and see if I can set a 3RM or something than just tryin to set a 1RM


Testing week:

  • Squats - 180kg x 3 - 3RM
  • Bench - 100kg x 1 - 1RM
  • Deadlift - 200kg x 1



Body weight 96kg => 94kg

  • Will bench 100kg for a 1RM by the end
    • Did it, just forgot to video it!
  • Squatting probably responds better to 2x in a week, but this is a good start to return to work capacity
    • Capacity has definitely improved though I don’t feel like I’m at my best. Going to supplement more core work in.
  • Will hit a 1RM squat ~190kg after this
    • 180kg x 3 is equivalent to ~196kg x 1, so this part was largely correct
  • Will deadlift 200kg again after adding more pulling work in
    • Pulled 200kg once, couldn’t get it again or higher.

Overall comments

This program was well structured, I enjoyed it and progressed. No reason to change for next run through.


The squatting aspects of the program felt pretty tough as it seems to be making up for less frequency but keeping volume equivalent. The self-regulation nature of the program (shoot for X, then do five more sets of X - 2) as an easy way for me to accommodate RPE but push myself hard.


3x bench was good, though I feel like I could probably squeeze two days into one - my overall work capacity on bench feels good so I should take advantage of this with something like close grip bench as an accessory. Otherwise, it’s a nice structured program that has me progressing so again, no reason to change.


This deadlifting program was probably the most structured volume I’ve done in a while. I’m not sure how I feel about the program as the percentages feel comparatively light for the movement. I believe that I have had good progress on programs with 90%+ regularly as the exposure to heavy 1x-3x deadlifts improves my 1RM. That said, volume is probably better for base building, so I’ll continue to let it run.

What’s next

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