Tom Newby

Aurelia By Example

Hi there!

My name is Tom and I’ve been building applications in Aurelia for 18 months, including the recent product I launched, DingoPM.

When I first started working in Aurelia, I needed help working out how to approach larger problems. Most of the tutorials I had found were of getting started in Aurelia or building simple examples.

In the end, I learned through some pretty costly trial and error but I see there’s still a gap in information at this level.

I’m building an ultra-practical tutorial series that demonstrates how I build Aurelia applications by rebuilding parts of applications you’re already familiar with. We’re going to take designs and build things like:

We’re not going to focus on intro tasks like how to setup your first app or how to bind data, we’re going to architect and build some real functionality.

My aim is to leave you with a set of practical reference implementations that represent complex, yet common interfaces. Additionally, you’ll learn some techniques for approaching your own interfaces going forward.

I’d love to hear your feedback - if you’re interested in a course like this, register your interest below and I’ll shoot you a few questions:

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